Executive Search

The task of searching and matching the ideal candidate for a vacancy calls for a thorough knowledge of the respective industry, experience, hard work, and discretion. In addition, addressing executives requires good social skills as well as tact. We believe to have the right people for this task. 

Market research is a key component of our work which is why we have an in-house department designated to the task of ‘search’. Our ‘searchers’ all possess academic degrees, and have been trained on the job extensively.

Our Searchers sit door to door with the consultants. This spatial proximity enhances close and regular cooperation between the two parties, and is a fundamental basis for the successful and timely closure of a search assignment.

All of our searchers have permanent contracts, and work on-site. We purposefully avoid to draw upon external service providers or freelancers. In this way, we can thoroughly ensure the protection of confidential data.